Rural Internet by Exede Satellite Internet

Exede Satellite Internet lets you live where you love and still stay connected with fast, reliable internet service.

People who live in rural areas have long had to “make do” with less-than-ideal internet connections or no internet access at all. Not any longer! Exede provides fast, reliable internet for rural areas, so now you can get online easily and affordably.

With Exede, you can get high speed rural internet across the country – whether you live on the remote coast or in the middle of the plains. Being connected to high speed internet in rural areas lets you work and play without worrying about losing your connection or being frustrated by slow internet speeds.

Stay Connected

  • Send and receive large files via email
  • Enjoy reliable internet speed for video chatting.
  • Get fast access to the online software you need.
  • Create a Wi-Fi network for your home so you can connect all your computers, tablets, phones, and other connected devices.
  • Own a business? Get fast internet almost anywhere with an Exede Business plan.


  • Take online courses, pursue an online degree, or make homeschooling easier.
  • View how-to videos with less buffering.
  • Do research with several browser tabs open at once.
  • Submit online homework assignments.


  • Shop online.
  • Listen to online radio or streaming music services.
  • Watch streaming movies and shows.
  • Download the latest apps.
  • Play online games.

Stop struggling with a bad rural internet connection. Get Exede Satellite Internet today.

How it Works

Exede works by placing a dedicated satellite dish on your home that sends a signal to our satellite. This signal is relayed back down to a ground station, and connects you quickly and efficiently to the internet.
Today’s satellite internet is much faster and more reliable than when the technology first emerged, and many subscribers are pleasantly surprised about how fast rural internet can be.

Learn more about how Exede Satellite Internet works

Happy Customers Using Exede Rural Internet

Exede is a top rural internet provider, allowing our customers to live life where and how they want. We serve subscribers who live on the coast, in the woods, in the country, in the desert, and in the mountains. Exede delivers fast, reliable satellite internet service almost anywhere.

Here’s what some of our rural internet customers have to say about their Exede experience:

“Most people were using (another satellite internet provider) until Exede launched a new satellite that serves this area. It has changed everything.” – Anne Kessler, Northern California

“You guys are cheaper and much quicker [than our old cable-internet bundle]; to me, there’s no comparison.” – Lorraine Harris, Oregon Coast

“I couldn’t have [gotten my degree] because I’m six miles out in the boonies here. … That’s why I give Exede high marks; getting my school work in is very important. I got my Associate and my Bachelors with WildBlue (the ViaSat service that preceded Exede), and then went to Exede; that’s how I’m doing my Masters.” – Jason Coutts, Oregon

“My husband works in the Bay Area during the week and commutes home on weekends, so we Skype a lot. We have iPads and iPhones. Each [of our five boys] has a tablet. We do lots of email and homework online. The speed is phenomenal. All of us can be online at the same time, and we don’t have any issues with the service slowing down at all.” – Shea Marshall, California

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