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Your full service satellite communications provider

Barber’s Satellite Services is a family-owned business, with not only a knowledge of the area but depth of experience in the industry. We are a full-service satellite provider offering DIRECTV, DISH and Viasat Internet (formerly Exede Internet). Though our company just celebrated its second birthday, we’ve worked in the satellite business for 15 years. You can rely on our expertise and professionalism from the moment you pick up the phone and call us until long after the sale is complete. Call us to find out more about how we can help you meet your satellite communications needs.

  • Full service satellite provider
  • 15 years experience in the satellite industry
  • Offering DIRECTV, Dish and Viasat Internet
  • We are a family-owned local business

Viasat: Providing high-speed internet no matter where you live

Couple Using Exede InternetLiving in rural areas doesn’t have to come at the cost of poor or no internet. Viasat allows our customers to have broadband service at speeds comparable to cable. Because Viasat is beamed from a satellite, it isn’t limited by the expensive, cumbersome infrastructure of cable companies and other traditional providers. Viasat lets customers who live and work in rural, small-town or off-the-beaten-path areas stay connected, ensuring their businesses thrive. It’s been rated number one by the FCC two years in a row for delivering advertised speeds or higher. Call us today to learn more about it and if it’s right for you.

About Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia is located in the center of South Carolina at the convergence of three rivers. The capital city is home to about 130,000 people, part of a larger metropolitan area of about 7000,000. Popular colleges and universities, including the University of South Carolina, are based here, along with Fort Jackson Army base. Rooted in Southern tradition, Columbia is also a cosmopolitan city with thriving entertainment districts, restaurants and art galleries, sharing downtown space with high-tech start-ups and historic structures. Its most famous moment in history occurred in 1860, when it hosted the South Carolina Secession Convention during which the state became the first to secede from the Union before the Civil War.

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