Heat up your business with a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Heat up your business with a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Engage your customers with Wi-Fi

If you are a business owner, you know Wi-Fi has become a necessity to attract customers and keep them engaged. Viasat Business Hotspots can help you turn that necessity into a powerful user experience for your business and your customers. You can customize your splash page with your brand or introduce new promotions as often as you want. We provide all the equipment and support you need to keep your Wi-Fi network up and running — and your customers coming back for more!

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Take all the credit

Easily customize and brand your splash page and network name, so customers know who to thank for the awesome Wi-Fi.

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Keep your business protected

Separate Wi-Fi access for private business use and public customer use, along with the ability to filter online content.

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Management & tech support

Worry about your business, not your Wi-Fi. We'll be your first line of defense for any questions and will help you address any issues.

Use with any Viasat Business Internet plan

  • Coverage for up to 2,500 square feet per access point
  • Order multiple indoor/outdoor access points
  • Separate business and customer Wi-Fi access
  • Customize network names
  • Filter web content and get business usage reporting
  • Network monitoring and management
  • "Click + upload" editor to create branded splash pages with customizable promotions and special messages
  • Professional installation
Viasat Business Hotspot

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How does this work?

We professionally install all the equipment needed to create separate Wi-Fi networks — one for your business operations and one for your customers. With a few easy steps, you're set up and online creating your customer splash page with our "click + upload" editor. Then we take care of the rest! We remotely monitor your equipment and network to make sure everything is working. We deliver enterprise-grade hardware for a seamless Wi-Fi experience, so you can focus on the business.