What you need to know about the Viasat Internet EasyCare program

Viasat installer with customer

Did you know you can get an extra layer of support for your Viasat Internet plan? With EasyCare for $8.99 a month, you don’t pay for a technician to visit your house if there’s an issue with your service that we can’t fix remotely. These calls may be required if something is blocking your dish, your dish has become misaligned, or there’s another issue. Service calls like this typically cost $95, so having EasyCare can save you money.

Along with covering any required service calls, EasyCare allows for an annual dish relocation – normally $200 – for the discounted price of $95. You may need your dish moved if a tree grew in the way of it or you’re putting on an addition or getting a new roof. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got EasyCare, we’ll move the dish up to once a year at the same service address for the reduced price of $95.

EasyCare subscribers also get access to a special Customer Care phone number. Of course, all of our customers can call in for help when they need it, but EasyCare puts you closer to the front of the line with a dedicated phone number and 24×7 priority access.

Adding EasyCare is simple. Just log into account.viasat.com, click Your Plan and select the EasyCare tab. Follow the prompts to add EasyCare to your service.

If you’d like to learn more about EasyCare, just click here.

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