Voice FAQs

Who can receive Voice service?

If you have our 12 Mbps or faster service and live in the continental U.S. (all states and the District of Columbia but not Hawaii and Alaska), you can get Voice. At this time, Voice is not available for WildBlue and Exede5 customers.

How do I activate my Voice service and equipment?

If you’ve received your Voice Adapter (if applicable for your service plan) and are ready to set it up, just follow the instructions here.

How do I purchase Voice?

Existing Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) customers should call 855-463-9333. Billing for Voice for existing Viasat Internet customers starts five days after Voice is ordered, and for new Viasat Internet customers, five days after the date internet service is installed — even if the customer does not activate the Voice equipment.

New customers should call 855-627-2221.

With the unlimited US + Canada plan, where am I able to call?

You can place local, long-distance, and toll-free calls to all 50 States, the District of Columbia and Canada. This includes calls to landlines and wireless and VoIP (voice over IP) lines. Calls to other countries will incur additional charges (click here to see international calling rates).

When you say “unlimited” calling, is it really unlimited?

The service is only available for residential use. As long as you are using Voice for non-commercial activities, there is no cap or limit. If you go over 3,000 minutes in your billing cycle, we’ll monitor your traffic patterns and volumes in an effort to determine if you are engaged in non-residential use. If the service is used for commercial or business purposes, it may be terminated. We recommend you read our Acceptable Use Policy for the full details.

Is there a contract commitment for Voice?

There is a 6-month service term. For details, please see your Customer Agreement.

Can I buy Voice and use it over another internet connection other than Viasat?

No. Voice is not available as a standalone service.

Can I use other VoIP Services over Viasat Internet?

Yes. Many customers use other VoIP services with good results, and we do not prevent use of other VoIP services over Viasat Internet. However, only Voice is optimized for use over Viasat Internet. In addition, Voice calls do not count against your Viasat Internet data allowance, whereas the use of other VoIP services will count against your Viasat Internet data allowance.

What kind of reliability should I expect?

Voice uses the same satellite and Internet connection as Viasat Internet. We strive to maintain highly reliable and available service using our network management and monitoring expertise.

What calling features does Voice support?

Voice includes Voicemail, Caller ID, Caller ID Block, Call Hold, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Return and Disable Call Waiting. You can find more details here.

How many phone lines can I set up with Voice?

Voice currently supports 1 phone line per account.

How will I get billed for Viasat Voice?

Voice and Viasat Internet will appear as a monthly charge on your Viasat bill.

Can I cancel Viasat Internet and keep Voice?

No. An active Viasat Internet account is required to use Voice.

What equipment do I need to use Voice?

Depending on your specific Viasat Internet service plan, we may need to provide you with a Voice Adapter, which gives you Voice service when plugged into the modem. With some Viasat Internet service plans, the Voice Adapter already comes integrated into your Wi-Fi modem.

You’ll need to provide your own home phone handset(s) to plug into the Voice Adapter. You can also plug your Adapter into a cordless base station to enable phone service throughout your home.

What phone/handset do you recommend for use with Voice?

While we don’t have a specific brand/model to recommend, we’ve found most wireless phone base stations work very well with Voice.

Can I plug the Voice Adapter directly into my home phone wall jack?

Yes, but we’ve found that existing legacy home wiring often adds noise to your phone connection. Instead, we recommend using a phone base station (which allows for multiple, wireless-connected handsets) that plugs directly into the Voice Adapter.

Can I transfer my non-Viasat phone number to Voice?

In most areas of the country, yes. To see if your phone number is available for transfer to Voice, call Voice Customer Care at 855-463-9333

How long does it take to transfer my phone number?

5-10 business days.

How do I access and use Voice Mail?

See this Help Center article for detailed instructions.

Can I call 911 with this service?

Yes, although 911 service from a satellite may be limited in comparison to 911 service available through traditional landline telephone carriers. Please see the Voice Addendum to the Customer Agreement for more details on the limitations.

Can I make international calls with Voice?

Yes. To make international calls, dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number. Per-minute toll calling rates apply. See here for international calling rates.

Do you block calls to/from specific locations or numbers?

Yes, we block 1-900 calling as well as calls to certain countries that are high risk for fraud and/or abuse. View List

Can I prevent my phone number from appearing in phone books or other directory listing services?

Yes. You choose your directory listing preference when you sign up for Voice. You can change how your phone number appears by calling Voice Customer Care at 855-463-9333 ($2 change fee applies).

I want to block someone from calling me. What options do I have?

We recommend adding your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry to prevent telemarketing calls (www.donotcall.gov). If there is a specific phone number you’d like to have blocked from calling your Voice line, please call Voice Customer Care ($2 change fee applies).

What happens when the power goes out or my Internet connection goes down?

Voice relies on your Viasat Internet connection to place and receive phone calls. When you lose connectivity, you lose the ability to make or receive phone calls on Voice.

Does Voice support faxing or security monitoring services?

Not all. But in many instances it can support fax and security systems, subject to certain limitations.

Where can I go for help troubleshooting my Voice service?

Read our Help Center article here on Voice troubleshooting.

Is there a maximum amount of toll or international calling I can do each month?

There is no maximum as long as you continue to pay your bill. If your total monthly toll charges exceed $200 or you use a total of more than 3,000 minutes in a month for all your calls, you may be contacted by Customer Care to verify the charges to prevent fraud and bill shock.

Do I need to return my Voice equipment if I cancel?

No. The standalone Voice Adapter is yours to keep. This is different than Viasat Internet, where you lease the equipment and are responsible for returning certain components if you discontinue service.