Work from home

Work like a pro, even from home

These days, more people than ever work from home. Viasat offers two great options to keep remote workers connected: Liberty plans for those who occasionally work from home, and Viasat Business plans for customers who work from home a lot or run their own business.

Which plan is right for you? It depends on how you use the internet:

Liberty Residential Plans

Speed: Up to 12 Mbps download speed (25 Mbps in some areas)

Data Allowance: 10, 18, or 30 GB per month options

You get a set amount of Priority Data each month. After you've reached your data allowance, your service is slowed.

Pricing: Fixed monthly rate with no overage fees.

Installation fee: Varies

Equipment lease fee: $9.99 per month

Persistent IP address included: No

Choose a Liberty Residential Plan if:

  • You work from home once in a while
  • You want internet service that is designed for a family, but can still support a few work tasks
  • You don't take credit card payments from customers
  • You don't need a persistent IP address
  • You're OK with data limits

Viasat Business Plans

Speed: Up to 15 Mbps download speed

Data Allowance: 20, 50, 100, or 200 GB per month options

No set data limits. Service is never slowed. You will be charged for additional data usage beyond your allowance.

Pricing: Fixed monthly rate. Additional fees for usage beyond your plan's data allowance.

Installation fee: $299

Equipment lease fee: Included

Persistent IP address included: Yes - up to 3 IPs

Choose a Viasat Business Plan if:

  • You work from home regularly
  • You need a persistent IP address
  • You want service plan options with larger data allowances that are never restricted or slowed no matter how much data you use (We simply bill you for additional usage)
  • You take credit card payments from customers
  • You regularly access corporate systems such as time clocks or POS system

Can I access my company's Virtual Private Network via Viasat?

Some VPNs work well with Viasat, while others run slowly or don't work at all. "SSL"-based VPNs -- which work off a web browser and not special software -- often work just fine. If you need to use a VPN on Viasat, you should consult with your company's IT department before ordering. Better yet, visit the showroom of one of our local dealers and test it out yourself.

What if I want an internet service that can handle both my business AND my family's needs?

Consider Viasat Business. It's got all the speed and data you need. Just be sure you get a big enough plan if you plan on watching video regularly - video services such as Hulu and Netflix can use up a lot of data!

Can I start with a Liberty plan and move up to Viasat Business if I need it?

Unfortunately, it's not easy to change from Liberty to Business (or vice versa). New equipment is required, and there are additional charges. We recommend you do a careful analysis of your needs and pick the right level of service from the start. This is especially true if you do a lot of work from home.

However, it is easy to switch from one Business Plan to another. For example, if you subscribe to the Viasat Business 20 plan and it turns out the Viasat Business 50 plan is a better fit for your usage, changing to Viasat Business 50 is a snap.