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How Data Works

As a new Viasat customer, you have one of two types of plans: a Liberty plan, or a traditional plan such as Classic or Essential.

If you have a traditional plan and use up your priority data for the month your speeds will be severely restricted for the rest of the month. But you can buy more data whenever you’d like.

If you use up your Priority Data on a Liberty Plan, you may continue to use the internet at slower speeds, up to 1-5Mbps when the Viasat network isn’t busy.

On each plan, your Priority Data refills at the start of every billing cycle. If you wish to buy more data before then, just visit your account.

About Auto Pay

Viasat automatically charges the payment method we have on file for you every month, in advance. (See Note below.) Your first charge will occur within 3 days after installation. You won’t get a paper bill. Instead, you’ll get an email notification that your account was charged. So please be sure we have your current email address.

Note: We charge for service in advance, on the same day each month. This first charge will be higher than your regular monthly charge, because it covers the full month of service plus a few days, and includes one-time charges that will not appear on future statements.

The digital agreement you accepted during the installation process includes a service term of 24 months.

Getting Help

If you need help with your Viasat service, it’s easy to get it without having to pick up the phone. Your account is the place to check your data usage, buy more data, change your plan, make payments and view your bill. We also offer convenient tools like Viasat Text Alerts or our EasyChat Facebook Messenger feature for instant updates and assistance. Go to to find out how to register. Also, check out our Viasat community to see what others are saying and get help, or get quick answers on our Help Center.

Manage Your Data

Log in to your Viasat Internet account portal to manage your data and more:


Make a payment


View the bill


Check your usage

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Check data usage, troubleshoot, reboot modem, pay your bill, and get real time texts about your service.

To opt in, text JOIN to 20715

A faster, better web browser

Viasat's NEW browser: the fastest web browser over Exede is now available for PCs and Macs.

Faster. No ads. More privacy.