Viasat Flex is a new service from Viasat that combines the best of two types of internet service options in one innovative solution for faster, more reliable internet. Viasat Flex offers an improved experience by combining the functionality of both Viasat satellite and DSL services. These networks are connected together to route internet traffic, providing an optimum internet experience.

  • Stream from multiple devices at once – enjoy high-quality streaming across devices in your home
  • Game with less interruption – play fast-response gaming with less lag time
  • Download large files fast – reduce the wait for large file downloads
  • Stay online without compromises – continue doing what you’re doing with fewer service drops
  • Be more productive – get the reliable connection you need to access secure and consistent VPN from home

You can remove the Viasat Flex feature at anytime. To begin enjoying higher performance internet in your home, just give us a call at 855-463-9333.

Viasat Flex requires the purchase of Viasat Internet service, which requires a minimum of 24-month service term. Not all data sources, such as some online games or some VPNs, are available to benefit from Viasat Flex. Viasat Flex is offered at no charge as part of an introduction promotion. Viasat reserves the right to charge for Viasat Flex in the future and will provide you the option to remove it before the end of the introductory promotion. Installation of DSL will occur separate from the installation of Viasat Internet.