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Professional Satellite Installation by Certified Technicians

Viasat’s certified technicians are specially trained to find the best placement for your satellite dish and securely attach it to your home. This will ensure a clear, strong connection to our satellite for the best service possible. Installing a satellite dish for Viasat Internet typically takes two to three hours.

Satellite Installation Options

The Viasat satellite mini-dish is about 30 inches by 28 inches and can be mounted on the side of your home, the roof or on a secure pole mount. When these standard installation options don’t give you the best connection, a non-standard option may be recommended to ensure you receive the fastest satellite internet possible.

Standard installation

Viasat Internet roof mount
Sloped Roof Mount
Viasat Internet wall mount
Wall Mount
Viasat Internet pole mount
Pole Mount*

Non-Standard Options

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount
Viasat Internet under eave mount
Under-Eave Mount
* No charge for pole mounts on service ordered directly from Viasat through our toll-free number or online order form.

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