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XS Media: Bringing you the best in satellite internet

XS Media is a local provider of TV, Internet and phone services. We are based out of Eugene, with services that cover the entire nation but focus mostly on the Southern Willamette Valley and surrounding areas of Oregon.

XS Media is the new name for our parent company, Unwired West Internet, which started in 2001 as the first high speed internet provider in towns like Junction City and Harrisburg — long before companies like Comcast and CenturyLink began offering services. With Internet service extending from Corvallis to Dexter/Cottage Grove and everywhere in between, we offer service where others tell you they don’t.

XS Media was formed in 2012 as a way to continue our excellence in sales and installations. We had received so many complaints from customers about their poor satellite TV or Internet installations and requests to do the installs ourselves. That sparked a change in the company and in June 2012, we began selling and installing Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) where our own internet isn’t available, along with DISH and DIRECTV.

Following that success, we opened a kiosk in the Valley River Center in 2013. With the new retail presence, we added many other services so we could find a technology solution for everyone in the Southern Willamette Valley.

Growing from two employees in 2006 to over 12 now, we have been continuously expanding over the last several years. Our philosophy is “to be the customer’s advocate and guide them to whatever solution meets their needs, even if it means losing their business.” We appreciate the customer’s loyalty and always work our hardest to deliver the customer service they deserve.

  • Our company offers service where others don’t
  • Offering technology solutions for everyone in the Southern Willamette Valley 
  • Our objective is not to be the biggest, but the BEST in what we do!

Viasat Internet: Beaming high speeds directly to you!

XS Media is proud to offer Viasat broadband internet. Viasat offers fast download speeds of up to 12 Mbps and upload speeds up to 3 Mbps. If you’re looking to switch from painfully slow DSL or cable to lightning fast broadband internet, Viasat is your best option. We are proud to offer Viasat because it is a trusted leader in satellite technology. To make it easy, Viasat has a variety of different data plans to choose from, so you can find one that best fits your online lifestyle. Come take a test drive! Want to see for yourself? Come by our place and we can give you a live demo showing you just how fast Viasat Internet can be! Don’t be shy to pick up the phone either; we would love to explain all your great Viasat options!

About Eugene and the Willamette Valley

Eugene is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the United States. Its population of about 140,000 includes an unusually high percentage of professionals and college graduates. The city boasts four colleges and all the cultural amenities higher education brings with it. The Willamette Valley is surrounded on three sides by tall mountain ranges, framing its broad, flat, fertile valley floor. Its climate of mild winters and a long growing season is similar to that of France. That combined with Oregon’s volcanic soils makes the valley known for wines that boast a unique and delicate flavor.

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