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High speed internet provider Sylvester, Georgia Sylvester Computer Guy
502 W. Franklin St.
Sylvester, GA 31791
  • Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

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Your local, affordable ambassador of technology

Southwest Georgia Sylvester Computer Guy has been serving customers in Worth County, GA since 2012. Its sister store, BetterTech of Ashburn, began servicing the Turner County area in 2014. Both stores are members of their respective Chambers of Commerce, and specialize in helping area residents and businesses with their technology needs, including computer and gadget repair, website design, printer supplies, security systems (DIY and monitored), as well as satellite television and Viasat high-speed internet (formerly Exede).

  • Conveniently located, affordably priced
  • Computer repair, screen replacement, web design and more!
  • Serving the community’s tech problems with a smile
  • Free Wifi during your visits to our store

Viasat: Reliable, high-speed internet regardless of where you live

Couple Using Exede Internet

Sylvester Computer Guy is excited to bring you the reliability of Viasat satellite internet. Beamed directly from space, Viasat offers some of the fastest internet plans around with download speeds up to 12 Mbps and upload speeds up to 3 Mbps. Viasat is an excellent option for both rural and city residents who are looking for lightning-fast and affordable internet. We work directly with Viasat for high-speed internet because it’s backed by the trusted satellite technology experts at Viasat, Inc. Viasat offers a variety of great plans (that all feature super-fast speeds) so you can find the one that best fits your online habits.

You can also save money by adding Voice; it typically costs less than the plans you get through most phone companies.

Still need more information? Don’t be shy; pick up the phone and we can explain all of your amazing Viasat options! Better yet, come by our store and we can talk to you face-to-face!

About Georgia’s Worth and Turner Counties

Worth and Turner Counties in Georgia are rural areas in southwest Georgia that lay claim to the largest peanut in the world, the peanut capital of the world, many festivals, and down-home southern charm. Technology is constantly integrating into more areas of southern Georgia’s industry, agriculture, and leisure. The area is carefully managing the delicate balancing act of  merging its preferred slower pace of life with the rapid pace of tech advancement.

Areas Served

Southwest Georgia
Worth County
Turner County