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Satellite Pros

Exede Satellite Internet authorized dealer
750 E. E Street
Ontario, CA 91764
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Satellite Pros: The best in the west

Satellite Pros provides the best entertainment and communications services to the southern California area. We pride ourselves on our certified in-house installation team. And we’re not the only ones who believe our service is special: DIRECTV named us Dealer of the Year for the West in 2012, and we’ve been a proud member of Angie’s List since 2013.

We started our business in 2009, becoming an exclusive premier DIRECTV dealer in 2011. We’re members of the DIRECTV Dealer Advisory Council and founding council members. We’re also proud to offer Viasat satellite internet, which offers a plan designed to fit the needs of almost every household.

  • Serving southern California since 2009
  • Named DIRECTV’s western Dealer of the Year
  • Proud member of Angie’s List
  • Professional in-house installers at your service

Viasat tailors its plans to meet your needs

Viasat Internet offers customers an option to their current internet provider at great prices. It provides speeds that match the competition paired with the reliability of satellite.

Viasat combines high-science and innovation to bring fast internet to places that once had limited choices. Unlike other technologies that require extensive infrastructure or that may never extend to your area, Viasat Internet comes directly to your home or business from our satellite. Our internet signal is transmitted from ground stations to the satellite, which sends the signal directly to a small dish mounted on your house or business: No antiquated wires, cables or other outdated technology.

Viasat is four times faster than average DSL. That means faster browsing, video streaming, photo sharing, video chat and email. Our Late Night Free Zone comes standard with all plans, giving our customers five hours of unmetered data every day.

About Ontario, California

Named after its settlers’ home province in Canada, Ontario is just 35 miles east of Los Angeles. Known in its early days as “Iowa under palm tress,” Ontario’s agricultural roots drew a large Midwestern foundation, along with German, Swiss and Japanese farmers and laborers. Its rocky soil inspired citrus farmers to plant orange groves, as well as olives and grapes for wine. Today, the city’s economy revolves mostly around service industries and manufacturing.

Ontario knows how to celebrate, hosting a Christmas craft fair extravaganza, Independence Day festival to celebrate its varied cultural origins, and the more than 50-year-old annual Pancake Breakfast and Car Show.

Areas Served

Surrounding Inland Empire area