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3057 Woodbine St
Jackson, MS 39212
  • Monday-Saturday: 9am-8pm. Sunday: 2pm-6pm

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Viasat: Providing high-speed internet no matter where you live

Here in the Gulf Coast, some internet service providers just cannot offer you the internet service our residents need and deserve. Viasat provides reliable, high-quality internet service regardless of where you live or work. Because Viasat is beamed from a satellite, it isn’t limited by the expensive, cumbersome infrastructure. Viasat lets customers who live and work in rural, small-town or off-the-beaten-path areas stay connected, ensuring their businesses thrive. It’s been rated number one by the FCC two years in a row for delivering advertised speeds or higher. Call us today to learn more about it and if it’s right for you.

Customer Service is Our Priority

At Piedmont Entertainment we have succeeded because of our attention to detail and customer service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards morally and ethically, dedicated to giving each of our customer a personalized experience. Our knowledgeable product staff will be able to set you up with the best in Satellite Internet. Contact us today and see why others rave about us – we can’t wait to chat with you!

Address: 4205-A Highway 80 E, Pearl MS 39208

Call: 769-524-4336

Areas Served

Southeastern U.S.: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana