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This ain’t your Grandma’s satellite internet

At Off the Grid Internet, we work tirelessly to stick up for the little guy — you know, those folks that are all but forgotten by their local DSL or cable company and stuck with (sigh) dial-up or crummy “old school” satellite internet service. We feel for you and are here for you! Stop waiting for pages to load and get ready to actually be able to watch HD movies from home or video and chat with friends and family abroad. Our high-speed satellite internet service from Viasat (formerly Exede) is all the rave. Wouldn’t it be nice to have city-slicker speeds with down-home customer service and a friendly certified technician who consults with your during the installation? We use local techs, which allows us to create jobs in smaller or remote communities while providing improved services to their own friends and neighbors. By the way; we are hiring. ; ) Prefer to be treated Ike a neighbor instead of a number? Feel free to give us a call. Sometimes we get along with folks so well our lines get busy, so leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

  • A national, authorized retailer of Viasat satellite internet
  • We run our own company on Viasat; it’s that fast!
  • We specialize in locations other companies have forgotten
  • Serving rural homes, city slickers and businesses, too! 

Viasat: Fast, reliable service & state-of-the-art technology

Viasat is a great alternative for internet in our rural market. You may have thought your options for internet were limited, expensive or simply nonexistent, but Viasat and its satellite-based service means none of those things are true. Location is no longer an obstacle to good, reliable service. Unlike other technologies that require extensive infrastructure or that may never extend to your area, Viasat Internet comes directly to homes or businesses via satellite. It offers a variety of plans with prices and data packages to match every need.

About Redmond & Oregon

Redmond is a progressive, innovative community of 27,000 nested in Oregon’s High Desert Plateau east of the Cascade Mountains. The town has made a focused effort to transform itself in the last decade by relocating the highway, adding streetscape, a central park, upgrading water and sewer infrastructure, and sprucing up its historic center. Consequently, it’s attracted upscale restaurants, brewpubs, lodging, and outdoor ice skating rink, antique stores, art galleries and outdoor events like farmer’s markets and concerts. Add to that the area’s sunny climate, easy access to skiing, hiking, rafting, golf and bike trails, and the natural beauty of its volcanically formed canyons — and it’s no wonder this small city is growing so fast.

Areas Served

Central, Northeastern, Eastern and Southeastern Oregon
Deschutes River Woods
Powell Butte
Three Rivers
Three Rivers Rec Area
Prineville Reservoir
Lake Billy Chinook
Smith Rock
Warm Springs
Juniper Canyon
Ochoco Reservoir
Ochoco Highway
John Day
Christmas Valley
Silver Lake
Summer Lake