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High speed internet provider Martins Ferry, Ohio Custom Computers
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Martins Ferry , OH 43935
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Customizing our service to your specific needs

My name is Brandon Bratton, owner of Custom Computers. I’ve been in business for five years, serving residential customers, repairing and selling computers, TVs, tablets and smartphones. I have three associates degrees in the computer field. I always try to look out for the customers’ best interests, even when the customer is going in the wrong direction but doesn’t realize it; I try and explain every repair and sale in great detail to help them along the way. Adding satellite internet to my list of services was an easy call; this allows me to help you with both your PC and your internet service. Call me so I can provide that same detailed service to you and ensure you get the service that best suits your needs.

  • A business geared toward superior customer service
  • Servicing PCs in store and on site
  • Specialists in custom PC-design
  • We stand behind our work 110 percent!

High-speed, low-cost internet for the Ohio Valley

Couple Using Exede InternetIn the Ohio Valley, some internet service providers just cannot offer you service; that’s why I’d like to help these customers get the internet service that works for them, regardless of where they live or work. A vast amount of the population in this area can’t get conventional internet service, so they’re forced into subscribing to two or three services — phone, cable and internet — when they really only want internet alone.  Because Viasat (formerly Exede) is beamed from a satellite, it isn’t limited by infrastructure. Viasat lets rural and small-town residents and businesses stay connected, ensuring their businesses thrive. It’s been rated number one by the FCC two years in a row for delivering advertised speeds or higher. Call us today to learn more about it and if it’s right for you.

About Martins Ferry, Ohio

Martins Ferry is a beautiful small city of about 7,000. It’s the largest community in Ohio’s Belmont County, and the oldest settlement in the state. Martins Ferry once was an important industrial hub, with shipments coming in and out of the city via rail and on the river. Today, the economy revolves around medical uses, major bakeries, dairy, steel and financial institutions. This traditional community has 14 churches, excellent schools, a swimming pool and recently completed a new playground and ball field project. Situated on the shore of the Ohio River amid rolling, densely wooded hills, it offers its residents a high-quality, family-oriented lifestyle.

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