Exede Hibernation Plan FAQ

What is the Hibernation Plan?

The Hibernation Plan is a plan for Exede Internet customers who intend to be away from their service location for 2-6 months per year.  If you move between residences during the year (or take an exceptionally long vacation), you can suspend your Exede Internet service for up to 6 months in any 12-month period.  You’ll pay $9.99 per month plus your monthly lease fee (if applicable) in order to keep your Exede Internet account active while away.  At the time you switch to the Hibernation Plan, your service will immediately be restricted and unusable for most activities.

Can I pause other services I have through Exede when on the Hibernation Plan?

All other Exede services (i.e. Exede Voice, equipment lease fees) will continue to charge at their normal rate.  This means your total Exede bill may be higher than $9.99/mo, depending on which additional services are on your account.

I currently receive a $10/month discount as part of an Exede Internet and DIRECTV bundle offer.  Will I continue to receive the $10/month discount while on the Hibernation Plan and after I reinstate service?

No.  You will permanently lose this discount.  When you switch to the Hibernation Plan, you forfeit any remaining eligibility for the $10/month discount.  But keep in mind: the amount you save using the Hibernation Plan will usually far outweigh your remaining bundle discount.

Can I put Exede Voice on “Hibernation”

The Hibernation Plan is only available for your Exede Internet service.  Exede Voice does not have a “Hibernation” option. Your Exede Voice phone service will continue to work even when your Exede Internet is in hibernation mode.

What other fees will I need to pay in addition to the Hibernation Plan fee?

You will be required to pay your $9.99/month equipment lease fee and for any other additional features like Exede Voice.

What happens to the months remaining on my Exede Internet minimum service term after switching to the Hibernation Plan?

The months remaining on your Exede Internet minimum service term continue to decrease each month that you are on the Hibernation Plan, just as if you were on a regular Exede Internet plan.  This will continue (for up to 6 monthsin any 12-month period) so long as you make your payments on time and keep your account in good standing.

Is there a minimum/maximum length I can be on the Hibernation Plan?

In order to switch to the Hibernation Plan, you need to agree to stay on it for a minimum of 2 consecutive months.  The Hibernation Plan is designed for those who are on a very long vacation or who reside in more than one location during the year.  You can stay on the plan for up to 6 months in any 12-month period.

How do I switch from the Hibernation Plan to regular service, and back again?

Just call Exede Customer Care. If you do not call to switch back to your original Exede Internet plan prior to the end of your sixth month on the Hibernation Plan, we will automatically switch you back to your original Exede Internet plan, if it is still being offered. If your previous plan is no longer available, we will switch you back to the plan closest in price and features to your original plan.

Will I be able to switch back to the plan I had prior to switching to the Hibernation Plan?

As long as your previous plan is still being offered, we will switch you back to it.  Otherwise, you can switch to any of our other available plans in your area.

Can I call to pre-arrange an automatic switch to the Hibernation Plan on the date I specify?

We recommend calling us on the day you want your service switched to the Hibernation Plan (and again on the day you want it switched back).  We cannot future-date the start/end of service on the Hibernation Plan at this time.

Can I switch to the Hibernation Plan and “Buy More” usage in 1GB increments at full speed?

“Buy More” is not available while you are on the Hibernation Plan. If you want your service to return to regular speeds on Exede Internet, you must switch back to a regular Exede Internet plan.

How do I sign up for the Hibernation Plan?

Call Exede Customer Care at 855-463-9333.

How do I know if I am eligible for the Hibernation Plan?

If you answer yes to all of the following questions, you may switch to the Hibernation Plan:
1.   Are you currently on one of the following Exede plans?

  • Exede12  (Classic, Evolution, Freedom, Liberty or Essential plans)
  • Exede5 (10GB, 15GB, 25GB plans)
  • Exede/WildBlue Recovery Act with Surfbeam2 modem (black modem)

2. Have you been an active subscriber on one of the above plans for more than 1 month?
3. Are you planning on being away from your Exede Internet service location for at least 2 consecutive months?

I have Exede through DISH, dishNET or NRTC (my rural telephone co-op), can I get the Hibernation Plan?

DISH, dishNET and NRTC are wholesale partners of Exede.  Each of these partners creates its own service plans and options for its customers.  You’ll need to contact your provider (the company that bills you) and ask whether they have an option similar to the Hibernation Plan.

How do I switch back to a regular Exede plan?

Call Exede Customer Care at 855-463-9333.