Your billing statement will include charges for both Viasat Internet and Voice. Click here to view your bill. Below is a sample bill to show where your Voice charges appear on your bill.

You’ll also notice a $10 monthly discount for the first six months. 

Any charges for calls made outside of your unlimited calling plan to the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada will be broken out separately.

If you are a Voice subscriber, you may see surcharges on your bill. These are charges we collect from you to help defray costs imposed on us. We are permitted but not required by law to collect these surcharges. Surcharges may include, but are not limited to: administrative cost recovery charges, universal service fund charges, gross receipts charges and other charges to recover costs associated with governmental programs, and certain taxes imposed upon us concerning the Voice service. The amounts, and the components used to calculate surcharge amounts, are subject to change.