I already have a DIRECTV satellite dish. Will I need a second dish for Exede?

Yes, a second dish is required because the DIRECTV dish is for television service only. The Exede dish is similar to your DIRECTV dish in size and appearance.

Can I get a single bundled bill for Exede and DIRECTV?

No. You will receive two bills: one from Exede and one from DIRECTV.

How do I pay my Exede bill?

Your Exede service requires a credit card or bank account on file. Each month you are charged automatically for the next month’s service charges. We invoice and charge your credit card or bank account electronically. These charges are separate from your DIRECTV invoice.

Who do I call for issues with my Exede bill or technical support questions?

Help is available through our Customer Care department by calling 855-463-9333. For DIRECTV-related questions, call DIRECTV customer service at 1-800-531-5000.

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