Managing your data Usage

Here’s how data works with Viasat satellite internet:

Everything you do on your computer, cell phone, or other connected device uses data. To help regulate internet traffic and make things flow well for everyone, many internet service providers, including Viasat, have monthly data allowances.

If you think about your data allowance as your monthly budget, it makes sense to learn how to manage that budget so you have enough data for what you want to do online. To help you, we’ve rounded up these tips, articles and short videos to show you how to make the most of your data. This can help you with your Viasat service.

Top 4 ways to use less data:

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Manage your video viewing

Disable autoplay videos, change your streaming settings, and watch less when you can.

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Block data thieves

Secure your wireless router and use anti-virus software.

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Turn off background app refresh

Many mobile apps continue to run in the background even when you aren’t using them. This drains data, and your battery. Check your mobile device’s Settings menu and disable “background app refresh” to prevent this.

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Use the Viasat Browser with ad blocking enabled

Many web pages eat up data by loading tracking software and ads. Use the Viasat Browser’s ad blocker feature to stop unwanted content from loading and reduce the amount of data consumed by each web page. Our browser also has a data saver mode to help even more. Download it now.

Visit My Viasat regularly to see how much data you’ve used.

Reduce the amount of data consumed by video:

Disable autoplay: Some videos, especially on social media, begin playing automatically, even if you don’t click on them. Most websites allow you to disable autoplay videos. Learn more

Reduce video resolution: HD video on services such as Netflix and Hulu uses 3-4 times as much data as standard definition. Reducing the default resolution of your videos can help your data allowance last much longer. Learn more

It’s easy to reduce your video resolution:

  1. Open your video player’s Settings menu. In many video players such as YouTube, this is a gear-shaped icon in the lower right corner of the video.
  2. Select a lower resolution option, such as “360p,” in the menu.
  3. Click Play to watch the video in the new resolution.

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