Welcome to the Exede blog

Did you know that 748 out of every 683 blogs created get forgotten and abandoned after just 2.7 posts? Had you heard that 91.7% of all blogs are seen only by the blogger’s mom? Sure, we may have just made up those statistics based on a factoid we once came across, but the general idea is that we didn’t want to start our Exede Blog until we were ready to make it worth your time.

So what are you interested in?

We figure since you’re a satellite Internet user, you’re tech savvy and curious about new and cool ways to make your Internet service work for you. You’re also (we hope) interested in hearing about ways we’re working to improve your service, but we promise not to have any boring corporate stuff in here (unless you tell us you like that, and then we shall ask you why). And we won’t try to sell you anything — we’ll leave that to the rest of the website and the folks on our 800 numbers.

More importantly, we want to hear from you, so feel free to leave comments or questions here about the post you’re reading or about topics you might like to see covered in the future. Maybe you’d like to know more about data plans or routers or even about crop circles or the weather on Jupiter. We know more about the first few things there, but we’re happy to take a break from designing our next satellite to research anything else.

Thanks for popping by, and have an out-of-this-world kinda day.

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