The kitten’s alright — really!

The inside story about our kitten-loving alien

Some of you may have seen our new TV commercial featuring our alien guy, Brian. We did get a few “interesting” reactions we wanted to talk about. 

In the spot, which you can see here, our young alien demonstrates a bit of curiosity about what a cat might taste like. As you can see, the kitty gets “spit out” rather quickly, and of course our alien never had it in his mouth to start with (it was a “stunt tail” prop). We shot this spot in LA, and California law is very strict about how any critters on the set are treated during filming. Our kitties (actually twins) were under the care of a representative from the American Humane Society the entire time. They were fawned over the whole time, and their handler applied to adopt them when we finished shooting the TV spot.

Birthday_Brian3Of course, cat lovers are a devout bunch and we can understand how it might not have been their cuppa tea.  In addition to some of the concerned viewers, we’ve heard positive comments as well, so thanks to all who let us know about that.

Stay tuned for more on Brian on our blog — including a sneak peak at what he’ll be doing next on TV. We hope to have some fun with him in the coming year.

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