Do your taxes online with TurboTax, save $15

Tax season usually isn’t much fun unless you’re getting a fat refund. But, using your Exede Internet service for an online tax preparation program can really take the dread out of this annual task, while also saving money over paying a tax preparer.

This year, Exede and WildBlue customers can get a special discount on TurboTax.

Today’s online tax-prep software products — featuring colorful, bouncy graphics, simple “yes” and “no” questions and quick access to on-call experts — guide users smoothly through a process that once seemed daunting. Designed to address all but the most tangled financial situations, most TurboTax online tax preparation software is available for less than $100. And that fee typically is tax deductible, which means it almost pays for itself.

On top of the fee savings, doing your own taxes allows you to create a personal financial journal — a chance to look back on the last year and reflect on your decisions, major life changes and progress. Seeing your world from this unique view also allows you to consider how the coming year might be different, or to determine if you’re already on the right financial and life path.

Don’t be intimidated. You may not be a tax pro, but you are the expert on your own life. And with the right tax software, this makes you the most natural choice for the job.

Keep in mind this software isn’t intended for tax professionals, but rather the vast majority of us who have little or no accounting knowledge.

The programs are designed to move users quickly through the process, and cover both state and federal-level taxes. Have your W-2s, bank statements, and other year-end paperwork on hand, set aside an afternoon and you’ll likely have time left over to jot down a list of refund purchases. Your responses lead the programs to the proper forms, guide you through the required steps, figure the needed calculations and identify the deductions to which you’re entitled.

They also offer the option to file electronically. That means no trip to the post office, no waiting in line, no paying for stamps, no calls to your accountant and no uncertainty about whether the deadline’s been met.

For first-time software users, the first year of self-preparation will likely be the most work. But all the basic information is saved for future years’ returns, which streamlines the process every year thereafter.

Exede and WildBlue customers have one more incentive: a discount of up to $15 on TurboTax 2016 federal tax filing products. Just click here and you’ll go right to your discounted page.

Good luck!

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