Online resources you’ll need for hunting season

Hunting is all about being prepared, and the Internet can help

Hunting season is upon us again. As summer winds down, sportsmen all over the country are preparing themselves for the thrill of the hunt. And while hunting is an outdoor activity, there are quite a lot of resources online that can help you take your hunting knowledge to the next level.

Know your state’s regulations
Before you even think about going out on a hunt, you need to know what kinds of regulations your state has concerning hunting. Because the federal government mostly leaves hunting laws to the discretion of local governments, regulations vary from state to state.

This means that the start of a particular hunting season in one state may be much earlier than another, which can be confusing to hunters who have just moved or are just starting out. Make sure to check your state’s particular hunting laws and regulations so you can keep yourself on the right side of the law.

Know the hunting regulations to get the best out of this season
Hunting is extremely fun if you know the rules and regulations.

Choosing your method of take
Now that you’re all caught up on what your state’s hunting regulations are, it’s time to pick a method of taking down game. If you’re a beginner who wants to hunt larger animals but you don’t know how to quietly get close to your prey, you’re probably going to want a rifle. Rifles generally have a range of around 50 to 300 yards, which means you can keep yourself farther from your prey and have less of a chance of scaring it off.

Bows, on the other hand, take more skill. They can accurately shoot 10 to 50 yards, which means you’re going to need to sneak really close to your prey. That said, they do hold the advantage of penetration over guns. Although rifles are much more powerful, bullets rely only on the high energy of the shot to penetrate. Arrows, on the other hand, require less energy because they have a sharp edge, and can usually penetrate deeper and cause more internal damage than bullets.

“Make sure to check your state’s particular hunting laws and regulations.”

No matter what you choose, you need to make sure you’re a good shot. Just like everything in life, practice makes perfect.

Cooking your meat
You’ve picked your weapon, stalked your prey and taken that successful shot. Now comes the fun part: eating. There are a lot of ways to cook your kill, but your most important move is going to be taking the time to get rid of that “gamey” flavor. The first thing you need to do is to trim the fat, connective tissue and silverskin off the meat. A lot of that gamey taste comes from this part of the meat and you’re going to want to remove it before cooking.

After you’ve trimmed your meat, you should consider marinating it. A marinade is the perfect way to mask a gamey flavor while also tenderizing the meat. Marinades are also extremely simple to make, and can turn any meat you bring home into a delectable meal.

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