Cool tech to watch out for in 2017

What does the new year have in store for tech?

It’s a great time to be a tech nerd. Barely a week goes by without some cool new consumer tech innovation hitting the shelves. So far, it looks like 2017 will not disappoint in the gadget department.

So, what cool, new devices should you be on the lookout for this year?

“People expect a little more out of their gadgets.”

LG OLED W7 Signature Series TV

Not so long ago, having a high-definition TV was considered luxurious. But these days, videophiles expect a little more out of their gadgets, and the LG OLED W7 Signature Series seems to be exactly what consumers are asking for.

Right off the bat, LG’s new TV is incredibly thin: just 2.57mm wide (about one-tenth of an inch) along the vast majority of the entire gadget, according to TechRadar. This makes the product sleek and easy to move, regardless of if you choose the 65-inch or 77-inch version. On top of that, the LG OLED W7 Signature Series TV is revolutionizing how people install new tech by simply using magnetic strips to attach the TV to your wall.

One major benefit is how the LG OLED W7 Signature Series reacts to standard definition. Most high-definition TVs simply display this content in its true form, but LG’s device doesn’t. The new TV touches up standard definition on a frame-by-frame basis to increase its overall quality. It was this kind of inventiveness that allowed this device to be branded as Best in Show for CES 2017 by TechRadar.

The W7 series starts around $10,000. Which is a lot of money, but not ridiculous considering that current high-end, regular-thickness TVs can run more than $5,000.

PowerRay underwater drone

One of the weirdest parts of fishing is never really knowing what’s beneath you. In fact, on days where nothing is biting regardless of what you do, it can be downright frustrating. PowerVision hopes to eliminate all of this with the PowerRay underwater drone.

This device is a fully-functioning robot that you can control from your smartphone or tablet. With a 4K video camera, you’ll be able to unlock the mysteries of the deep and explore the underwater worlds around you. If you’re willing to spend the money – a Tom’s Guide article pointed out the device would available in mid-2017 for about  $3,000 – this kind of device is great for seeing your local bodies of water from a whole new perspective.

Of course, the real purpose of this device is to catch fish. To this end, the PowerRay has sonar capabilities that allow it to find fish with ease. This is especially good news for ice fishermen, as it allows you to get a rough estimate of the local fish before setting up shop in the cold.

The other incredible benefit of the PowerRay is that it can actually help you hook something. Digital Trends pointed out that an add-on allows the PowerRay to move bait to specific areas, which gives you more control over your fishing.


There are few hobbies as satisfying as brewing your own beer. Of course, the major downside here is that you have to wait weeks before you get to taste the fruit of your labors. Pico from PicoBrew is a fantastic option for those with a little less patience.

Thanks to some revolutionary innovations, Pico allows you to brew up 5 liters of premium beer in about two hours. You only need to purchase PicoPaks full of the ingredients necessary to make the beverage — and there are hundreds of options to choose from here.

Unlike the other items on this list, Pico can be purchased right now. The device sells for $799, which is certainly an investment. However, once you factor in all of those craft beer six packs you won’t need to buy anymore, the cost will definitely seem worth it.

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