How to avoid the nefarious Cloudbleed bug

It’s always a good idea to use complex passwords and change them once in a while — especially on websites that contain sensitive information such as credit card and Social Security numbers. But a recent memory leak from a leading web security company called Cloudflare has security experts suggesting that changing your web passwords right now might be a very good idea.

According to Gizmodo, the Cloudbleed bug constitutes a massive memory leak that may have exposed user data from thousands of different websites — among them Uber, Yelp, Fitbit and many more. It doesn’t appear that Cloudbleed is as bad as the Heartbleed bug a few years back, but it’s still worth checking on.

The good news is that Cloudflare has already fixed the leak. There may still be issues if data was compromised while the leak was active, so you may want to change passwords on any website you use that also uses Cloudflare. To check, there’s an online tool you can use.

BTW: None of the websites associated with your Exede or WildBlue accounts use Cloudflare.



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