5 internet tips for the coming zombie apocalypse

Zombie walking out from abandoned city. Silhouettes illustration about Halloween concept.

Halloween — there’s no better time to review your zombie survival plan. OK, so maybe you don’t believe in zombies, but still, there could come a day when the world order collapses and it’s a Mad Max kinda deal out there. Where does that leave you vis á vis the internet?

For people who get their internet from cable and DSL, we figure those will be the first to go. All those telephone poles will be chopped down for firewood, and you’ll need to rip out those cables to wrap around your house for fortification (trust us on this one).

Satellite, on the other hand, comes directly to your home from space, and space is a relatively safe place. In fact, did you know that even thousands of years in the future, when nothing else is left on earth, satellites will still be orbiting the planet? We’re just sayin’ …

Anyway, when ground-based internet services from the phone and cable companies are overrun by zombies or fuel-hunting scavengers or radioactive hamsters or whatever, you may still have your satellite internet service if a couple of things are in place:


  1. You have a generator with plenty of fuel. No doubt the municipal power is already out in your area, so you’ll need electricity to power the Exede modem and, of course, your computer or other connected devices. Solar may work here as well, so long as the radioactive clouds aren’t too thick.
  2. Your friends at Viasat are still on the job. Our network folks in Denver, or the backup crew in Carlsbad, Calif., are not yet overrun and have plenty of fuel for the backup generators.
  3. The gateway that serves your area still has fuel. Those big ground antennas that blast signal up to our satellite do require a fair amount of juice. When the local electricity is gone, we switch over to diesel generators. With a full tank, your Exede gateway should last up to a couple of weeks. And with our next generation network – launching in 2018 – there’s even less dependency on power at the gateway.
  4. Your satellite dish has not been scavenged and turned into a cookstove or a shield or something. Not only will this interfere with service, it may void your warranty.
  5. There’s still internet. It may be like the ’90s all over again, with only a few websites out there (maybe Netscape and MySpace will stagger back to life?) But if there’s anything left to browse, stream or download, we’ll get it to you!


Here at Viasat, provider of Exede Internet, we know post-apocalyptic communications can be difficult to plan for. But with some planning, plenty of fuel and a little can-do spirit, we’re confident we can deliver internet service to you during the initial outbreak and rioting period. After that, we’re probably back to smoke signals and carrier pigeons for the foreseeable future.

Happy Halloween!

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