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The Next Generation of Rural High-Speed Internet

Satellite Internet’s quantum leap

Exede Satellite Internet dish mounted to houseIn October, 2011, we launched ViaSat-1, the most powerful communications satellite in the world. This is the technology that powers the Exede Internet service that comes directly to your home.

  • Exede Internet offers download speeds up to 12 Mbps — 8X faster than our original WildBlue service.
  • We beam your Internet signal directly from ViaSat-1 — the most powerful communications satellite ever launched.
  • The FCC’s 2013 Measuring Broadband America report of U.S. Internet Service Providers found that Exede Internet is No. 1 at delivering on advertised speeds or better! This was the first time any satellite Internet service was included in the survey.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: The FCC report proves you get the speeds you pay for — and more!

Get to know rural satellite Internet — and Exede

HowItWorksInfographic-Satellite rural internet providers

There’s a fair amount of high-tech science and innovation behind providing Internet via satellite, but the basics are pretty simple:

  • The Internet signal is transmitted from ground stations up to our satellite.
  • The satellite transmits the Internet signal directly to a small dish mounted on your house.
  • The signal enters your home through a short cable and connects to a modem, which in turn connects to your computer or wireless router/network.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Since Exede comes from space, you don’t have to deal with antiquated wires and cables, or outdated technology. Quite simply, Exede Internet technology is state-of-the art.

The Exede Advantage: Faster Rural Internet Options

Faster Downloads
Get 12 Mbps of download speed on all our plans (even on our entry-level plan)

Faster Uploads
3 Mbps upload speed on all our plans. Quickly send files, share photos, video-chat with Skype™!

Available Now
Don’t suffer any longer with slow cable, DSL or dial-up — super-fast Exede Internet is available almost anywhere.

ViaSat, an innovation powerhouse in satellite communications

  • ViaSat-1_Launch_rural internet optionsViaSat-1 and the Exede Internet service are owned and operated by ViaSat, an American company with a long history in satellite innovation for the government, business and residential military customers here in the U.S. and around the world.
  • We’re inventing new and better ways to deliver satellite Internet all the time.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Since your Exede Internet service is designed and maintained by the same engineers who develop technology for the most sophisticated customers in the world, you know it has to be good.

Exede delivers on our super-fast internet speeds


“During peak periods, 90 percent of (Exede) consumers received 140 percent or better of the advertised speed of 12 Mbps.” -FCC 2013 Measuring Broadband America report.

Why Exede Over Other Satellite Internet Providers?

  1. Most advanced satellite Internet technology. Light years ahead of previous satellite Internet service.
  2. It’s available where you are … today. Unlike other technologies that require extensive infrastructure or that may never extend to your area, Exede Internet comes directly to your home from our satellite. If you can get satellite TV, you can most likely get Exede Internet.
  3. It does it all. Faster browsing, video streaming, sharing photos, video-chat, powerful email tools — it’s 240 times faster than dial-up and 4 times faster than average DSL. Exede Internet allows you to do everything you want online … only faster!
  4. Some plans include unmetered data. From midnight to 5 a.m. (Exede Classic plans) or 3 a.m to 8 a.m. (Exede Evolution and Essential 10 plans), you’re in the Free Zone, when usage is unmetered and does not count toward your allowance. Download movies, music and software updates. Upload photo galleries, blog postings and videos!

Is Exede right for you?

FarmerbyFence-Rural Internet

Most typical Internet users will enjoy our service tremendously — but it’s not right for everyone. For example:

Gamers: The performance of some games over the Internet is very poor and some games may not work at all. (For more information on how latency impacts gaming, click here (http://help.exede.net/articles/General/Exede-Games)

Heavy downloaders: Some folks these days rely on their Internet connection to stream and download all of their movies and television. If that’s you, or if you have some other reason to do a lot of uploading or downloading of large files, Exede’s data allowance caps may not work for you. For more information, check out our Plan Selector Tool, which is designed to give you more information about the data limits on our plans.

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