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Exede Voice: Custom Features Management

Exede Voice – Manage Your Voice Features

You’ll find information below allowing you to manage features for your Exede Voice service:

  • When you receive a voicemail, send an audio file of the message to your email address, or listen to it online.
  • You can set call forwarding options, including busy, ring-no-answer and simultaneous ring.
  • Create settings for screening your calls.

You can also manage your Exede Voice account.

To get started, you’ll just need the user name and password provided to you when you ordered your Exede Voice service. If you don’t have that information handy, just give a call to our Customer Care line at 855-463-9333, and a Customer Care agent will get you set up.

Log in to the Customer Features Management Portal

For more detailed instructions, check out our Knowledge Base article.

Take a look below for an overview of the primary features you can manage with the Customer Features Management Portal.


From the home page you can access the Phone Settings page to configure call forwarding, voicemail and call screening for your Exede Voice service. View Account Management settings like your e911 address or find help for dialing internationally.

AMP dashboard

Call Forwarding

You can set up advanced call forwarding from the Phone Settings page. You can forward your calls to your cell phone while you are away or set up FindMe/FollowMe to simultaneously ring your cell phone, your home phone and your office phone. You can also schedule the time of day for these specific rules.


Voicemail Settings

Under the Voicemail settings page, you can forward your voicemail messages to an email account. If you select this feature, any voicemail messages left for you will be attached to an email as a .WAV file and sent to the email address listed on this page.

Access your voicemail messages from your phone or from the web. Select the download link to listen to your voicemail messages from the web.

AMP voice mail

Call Screening

Configure your phone to allow all incoming calls to ring your phone, go directly to voicemail or ring busy.