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Exede Voice: How it Works

How Exede Voice works

how exede voice works diagram

VoIP Technology: Exede Voice uses what’s known as ‘Voice over Internet Protocol,’ often known as ‘VoIP.’ The technology uses the signal from your Internet to provide phone service in your home.

Simple Setup: All it takes is a little black box, called the Exede Voice Adapter, which connects to your Exede satellite modem. Another cable connects the box to your computer or wireless router, while a third line – a phone cord – connects to either your corded phone or the base station of your cordless phone. You can learn more about the setup.

Optimized for Exede: Commercial VoIP service has been around since about 2004, but Exede Voice is the first Internet phone service fully optimized and designed from the ground up to work with the Exede network. It’s also the only VoIP service that won’t count toward your monthly data allowance, making it a great complement for phone service with your Exede Internet.

Exede Voice Modem

Extensive Testing: The engineers at ViaSat who designed Exede Voice spent over a year developing it, and another six months testing it with live customers before introducing it in the summer of 2013. Our beta customers reported great results, with high call quality and reliability.