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Exede Voice: Connecting the Equipment

How to set up your Exede Voice service

Getting started with Exede Voice requires an easy self-installation. You simply connect the Exede Voice adapter between your Exede Internet modem and your router or computer, and then connect your telephone. Follow the steps below to get your equipment set up and you’ll soon be ready to activate your Exede Voice service.

Exede Voice Setup Instructions.mov from ViaSat Marketing on Vimeo.

Exede Voice Setup Instructions
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Connect the yellow Ethernet CAT 5 Cable from the modem to the WAN port on the Exede Voice Adapter.
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Connect the second Ethernet CAT 5 Cable (included) from the green LAN port on the Exede Voice Adapter to your computer or router.
number three bullet
Connect the phone cord (included) from PHONE 1 on the Exede Voice Adapter to your phone. NOTE: Do not connect anything on the port labeled “PHONE 2″.
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Plug in the power cord.
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Visit http://activate.exedevoice.com to activate your service.

WARNING: Exede Voice and Exede Internet services may not work properly if you place a router or computer between the ViaSat Satellite Modem and the Exede Voice Adapter.