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Exede Voice: Activating Your Service

Once you have your equipment setup completed (see our ‘Connecting the Equipment‘ page for these instructions), all that’s left to do is activate your service online. Follow these steps to get your service up and running:

Use an existing phone number

Exede Voice allows you, in most cases, to use an existing phone number for your new home phone service. The process to do so is called “porting,” and you may request that we port your existing number at the time your service is activated or by calling Customer Care (855-463-9333) at any time.

Eligibility to port:

  • We can port most wireless, land line, and VoIP numbers in the US.

What to expect:

  • You can request the date you’d like the port to be completed. For customers requesting a port while ordering new Exede Voice service, we recommend scheduling the porting request to complete 5-10 days after we process your Exede Voice order. That gives us enough time to ship the Voice Adapter to your location before your old service is switched to Exede.
  • Government regulations allow your previous carrier to take up to 3 business days to release your number to us. However, most porting requests are completed within 1 business day.


How to activate your service:

number one bullet

Visit http://activate.exedevoice.com to activate your Exede Voice service.

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Enter your Account Number and Last Name, then click “Next.” For this step you will need your Exede Account Number, which you can find on the fulfillment email ViaSat has sent you titled “Exede Voice: Service Fulfillment Summary.” If you cannot find this email, please call 855-463-9333.

activation step 1
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Enter the DEVICE MAC ADDRESS (found on the outside of the box or the bottom of the Exede Voice ATA – e.g. 001099318BB2) and the DEVICE NAME, then click “Next”.

activation step 2
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The phone number being activated will display.

activation step 4
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A summary of your account will be presented in Step #5. Click “Finish”.

activation step 5