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Only $29.99/mo

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Exede Voice

Order Now * New customers get reduced rate on internet bill for 12 months when bundled with Exede Internet. Existing internet customers get $10 off phone bill for 6 months.

Why Exede Voice is a great choice for home phone service:

  • Get unlimited local and long distance calling to destinations in all 50 states, plus Canada.
  • Enjoy great call quality plus voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and many other popular features.
  • Save money over traditional landline phone service.
  • Transfer your current phone number (in most cases) or get a new phone number — your choice.
  • Use of Exede Voice will not count towards your Exede data allowance.

Don’t settle for unreliable or expensive phone service when there’s a better alternative. Always be connected with Exede Voice.

Wondering how phone service works over the Exede network? Take a look at this short video:

Proven Technology

Exede Voice uses “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) that has been specifically optimized for the Exede satellite network. It’s a good option when cell reception is poor and traditional phone service is expensive. It’s a proven technology in wide use across the U.S., particularly as a reliable phone service in rural areas.

The best VoIP for Exede

Compared to other VoIP services, Exede has two distinct advantages:

  1. It’s optimized specifically for the Exede satellite network.
  2. It’s the only VoIP service where calls don’t count against your Exede Internet data allowance.

Simple to Set up

Getting started with Exede Voice is as simple as connecting your phone or base station to the Exede WiFi Modem with a phone cord. If you have an older Exede modem, you’ll need a Voice Adapter, included with the service. VoIP doesn’t have to be messy, confusing or difficult when you go with Exede Voice. For additional information, please visit our voice FAQ page.


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