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Mobile Enterprise Protection: Exede Secure Mobile

Comprehensive Security for Regulated Markets


Smartphones and other mobile devices have inherently different security risks than traditional PCs, requiring a new approach to information and network security. Exede Secure Mobile services help governments and corporations find a balance between giving mobile workforces the access and flexibility they need and providing IT admins with trusted and sustainable mobile enterprise security.

  • Multi-persona capabilities on the latest commercially-available mobile devices, users can have one device for both work-and-play
  • Establish trust across all mobile enterprise surfaces: devices, applications, operating systems, and network management
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure; identify weaknesses, bridge security gaps, then securely extend your network to mobile
  • Turnkey device management, monitoring, and real-time cybersecurity visualization with Exede­® Dynamic Defense software; assess your entire network health and instantly address threats

Exede Secure Mobile services provide a single point of contact to help launch your secure mobile enterprise and offer 24/7 cybersecurity services to manage, monitor, and defend your mobile network.

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