How Exede Satellite Internet Works

Similar to satellite TV, Exede Internet is beamed directly to your home via a signal from our satellites in space. This is what makes Exede Internet available just about anywhere (including internet in rural areas). There’s no need to worry about landlines or phone lines. Satellite internet is a fast, effective and excellent alternative to DSL and slower wireless services.


Here’s how satellite internet from Exede works:

  1. You’re on your laptop or tablet and you click on your favorite website. The signal goes to your Exede modem (or through your router first if you have one), then through a short cable to the dish outside your home.
  2. The signal is beamed up to our satellite.
  3. The satellite beams the signal down to one of our large antennas on the ground.
  4. The antenna delivers the signal to the main internet.


This all happens at the speed of light, giving you download speeds of up to 25 Mbps in some areas. The signal goes back and forth in a fraction of a second, allowing you to get online, stream music and videos and send large emails quickly and smoothly. It’s as simple as having an Exede satellite dish installed and connected to a modem.


Exede Satellite Dish

The dish for your Exede Internet is about the same size as a modern satellite TV antenna dish. The Exede dish is professionally mounted on your roof, the side of your home or on a sturdy pole nearby. You’ll need an official Exede dish to receive Exede Satellite Internet – you cannot use a satellite TV dish.

Exede WiFi Modem

About the size of a large book. You can put the modem on your desk or set it on a shelf next to your router. The newest Exede WiFi Modem includes a built-in router and phone adapter.

Learn more about the installation of the dish and modem.


Our satellite: Always perfectly in line

ViaSat-1Exede Internet service comes from ViaSat-1, a satellite in what’s called geostationary orbit about 22,500 miles above the Earth. In this position, the satellite exactly matches the Earth’s rotation, so it’s always in the same position relative to the ground. This ensures a strong, consistent signal at all times during the day.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about Exede Internet service.


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