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Superior Airline Wi-Fi: Exede in the Air In-Flight Internet

In-flight Internet for commercial airlines

APEX_e190_cabin_view2_004_loresIf you’ve ever used Wi-Fi on a plane, you know the service can be spotty at best — and the more people that are on it, the worse the service becomes. Exede technology is proud to have solved this problem with Exede in the Air, a new service that launched in January 2014 on JetBlue and United Airlines aircraft.

Unlike other in-flight Wi-Fi services that rely on ground-based towers or older forms of satellite technology, Exede in the Air taps the power of ViaSat-1 — the world’s most powerful communications satellite. The same technology that delivers 12 Mbps consumer Internet to homes is now available to passengers in-flight. The high-capacity satellite system can drive high penetration rates while sustaining a high quality of service to each passenger regardless of how many people use it.

Through a partnership with LiveTV, Exede service currently offers airline passengers on more than 125 JetBlue and United aircraft, with plans to address over 400 individual planes with the best in-flight broadband yet.

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