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Superior Airline Wi-Fi: Exede in the Air In-Flight Internet

In-flight Internet for commercial airlines


Say goodbye to the days of slow or no internet access when you’re stuck in airline seat 23A at 30,000 feet.  Now, with Exede In The Air, Wi-Fi on the plane can be just as fast as the connection in your home or office… and it might even be free.

Unlike other in-flight Wi-Fi services that rely on ground-based towers or older forms of satellite technology, Exede in the Air taps the power of ViaSat-1 — the world’s most powerful communications satellite. The high-capacity satellite system can drive high penetration rates while sustaining a high quality of service to each passenger regardless of how many people use it.

The service launched in January 2014 on JetBlue and United Airlines flights and is coming to EL AL airlines in 2015. Now everyone onboard can use the internet the way they want.

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