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Exede Enterprise High-Tech Satellite Services

High-tech satellite services for a changing world

Most people know the Exede brand as a provider of high-speed satellite Internet for consumers, but did you know we also offer innovative enterprise services for business and government? Our Exede Enterprise group is hard at work using our ViaSat-1 satellite for things such as emergency response, and live events & news coverage.

Emergency Response

CWhen disaster strikes, one of the first things emergency responders need is reliable communication. When terrestrial and wireless services go down or become severely congested from increased demands, Exede Enterprise offers emergency-response communications that deliver high-speed connectivity on the spot. Whether it’s with a vehicle-mounted terminal or our suitcase-style Pro Portable Terminal, this technology allows users in the field to tap into the power of ViaSat-1 — the world’s highest-capacity communications satellite.

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Live Events & News

CImagine having affordable internet access instantly from just about anywhere – with speeds to fast you can stream HD video and get Wi-Fi access. With Exede Enterprise services, fans, event organizers, and reporters are more engaged and entertained at concerts, sports events, and wherever breaking news happens. Using the Pro Portable suitcase-style terminal or a vehicle-mounted system, the service offers the power of our ViaSat-1 satellite at a significantly lower cost than traditional vans and trucks and, unlike congested microwave alternatives, has ample network capacity.

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