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Training Process

Installer Training

New Installers

To begin the process of becoming a new ViaSat certified installer for WildBlue and Exede Broadband services, click the button below. Your first step will be to create a student profile. Then you will be automatically enrolled in the ViaSat Certified Installer Learning Plan, which includes four online courses and participation in a Hands-on Lab class.

The online classes are self-paced and do not require completion in a single setting. The four online courses must be completed prior to enrolling in a Hands-on Lab. The Hands-on Lab classes are available at various locations around the country. Click here to see the current schedule of hands-on classes.

Certified Installers: Crossover certifications & profile updates

If you are a Certified Installer, you may wish to become certified to install for additional partners (partner crossover courses). You may also update your profile information including your current email address and dealer association information. Use the button below to begin.

Installer Training

Dealer Training

New Dealers

Your first step is to register as a new Sales Only or new Self Installing dealer to sell WildBlue and Exede Broadband services. Call 1-800-888-8876. ViaSat will verify that you have completed all the paperwork to become a dealer, and send your new training account information.

Once you have received your training account login information, you will be automatically enrolled in the ViaSat Certified Dealer Learning Plan. This plan includes 1-3 online courses, depending on the geographic area that you serve.

The online course(s) for your area must be completed prior to you becoming an active ViaSat Dealer. For additional support, contact your local ViaSat Area Sales Manager.

Existing Dealers: Continuing Education

On a regular basis, dealers are required to update their knowledge about the latest ViaSat services and products. You will be notified in advance of when this training is required.

Dealer Training

Support Training

Support Personnel

This training is intended for dispatchers and other support personnel. Your first step is to contact ViaSat Field Operations Training to arrange for training accounts. ViaSat will touch base with you, gather the necessary information for your learners, and create your new training accounts.

Once you have received your training account login information, you will be automatically enrolled in the appropriate learning plan.

Contact Field Operations Training

Phone, Online or Local Dealer