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In the desert of California, Exede makes off-the-grid living possible for a professional couple.

Running a marina with Exede high-speed internet.

An artist uses Exede as the cornerstone of her home-based graphic design studio.


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The Harrises of Oregon

Living the good life with Exede

Lorraine Harris’ life changed with one breathtaking view of Oregon’s southern coast. Harris had just been laid off from a travel-heavy, whirlwind job at Yahoo in the San Francisco Bay area. She was at a turning point.

“Did I want to hop back on the corporate wagon, or do something completely different?” she thought. “My husband brought me up here, and I said, ‘We’re going to do something completely different’.”

The couple relocated to the Coos Bay area, and Harris retired. Her husband is a military veteran on disability due to injuries suffered while serving in Vietnam.

“We just decided I’d stay at home and we’d have a quieter life.”

The only hitch in their new lifestyle was internet. The couple first bundled a cable connection with their phone, which Harris described as not only slow but expensive.

“They just kept upping the bill and my service kept getting slower and worse. Their customer service was just abysmal. They didn’t seem to care about existing customers; they just wanted to sign up new ones.”

They then tried another satellite internet company and again were met with unexpected costs and slow service. That all changed with Exede.

“You guys are cheaper and much quicker; to me, there’s no comparison,” Harris said. “And the customer service is just excellent. I can always reach someone, and they aren’t speaking in techno-language or an accent I can’t get. I’m hard of hearing, so that’s important.”

“Every time I call, they review my plan. They don’t try to upsell me. If I don’t need what I’ve got, I’ve even gone down. It’s nice to have honest customer service.”

Despite the distance that’s now between them, Exede allows Harris to continue caring for her aging mother still living in the Bay area.

“Even though I’m 600 miles away, I handle the medical issues for her. She calls and asks me to make appointments online. She’s a huge reader, but you can only request library books through the computer, so I help her with that.”

Harris and her husband Jan have goats and chickens on their rural property. Almost any question she has about her new animals can be answered online. The frequent trips they also now enjoy to visit friends around the country are all arranged online.

“This is the next chapter of our lives. It is a very good life.”

Anne Kessler

Exede’s fast speed lets Anne Kessler live life in the slow lane

Some people might mistake customer Anne Kessler for an Exede saleswoman.

Anne lives in a coastal, northern California town of just 450 residents in which most people know one another and share not just their lives, but experiences with a variety of services they use.

“People complain a lot about how bad their internet service is; and that’s when I jump in and say, ‘That’s because you haven’t tried the new Exede Internet’. I keep running around and getting people signed up.”

“Most people were using HughesNet until Exede launched a new satellite that serves this area. It has changed everything.”

Built around a small, natural cove and surrounded by rolling hills dotted with vineyards and sheep farms, Point Arena is visually stunning and geographically unique – a challenge for most internet service providers.

Anne fell in love with the area’s big trees, small-town lifestyle and slow pace, a welcome change after years of living in San Francisco. But since she works as a freelance database engineer, that slow pace couldn’t apply to her internet.

“It’s very important with my career to have good communications. Exede has been fantastic. It operates so well that it fades right into the background and you don’t have to think about it at all.

“The databases I create have to be kept up and running. Before, I was driving for hours getting to the little companies I work for so I could work on their computers. Now, I just dial right into their computers and am able to take care of it without leaving home. It saves me, it saves them; it makes me more professional. It’s just been a lifesaver.”

Because her job has her online so much, Anne doesn’t spend much personal time on the internet. She prefers to spend her free time with her two dogs, exploring the area and getting better acquainted with the townspeople she’s come to love.

*Testimonials provided by Exede customers who received complimentary service for a limited period.


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