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In rural Arizona, Exede puts one man’s family in touch with the world.


In the desert of California, Exede makes off-the-grid living possible for a professional couple.


An artist uses Exede as the cornerstone of her home-based graphic design studio.


A rural physicist stays connected to work with Exede.

*Testimonials provided by Exede customers who received complimentary service for a limited period.

Exede offers online shopping lifeline for rural family

Guffey, Colorado is among the prettiest – but most isolated – little towns in the state. When Gerald Toeneboehm moved to the Park County community in 1983, he shared a telephone party line with a few of the neighboring ranchers.

“When you picked up the phone, if somebody was on it, you had to wait your turn,” he said.

When private lines became available, Gerald ordered two – one he reserved exclusively for internet. But service was slow.

“Then, I heard about satellite internet,” Gerald said. “The first satellite internet I got was StarBand, but I couldn’t go wireless with it. It was just a complicated issue to hook up a wireless router.

“Download speeds got much better. When I download my email now, it’s pretty darn fast.”“So I got WildBlue. And that just opened up everything. I’ve been with them ever since.”

Gerald recently upgraded to Exede, with its 12 Mbps service.

“I noticed a big difference right off the bat,” he said. “Download speeds got much better. When I download my email now, it’s pretty darn fast.”

Because Gerald and his family are far from large stores, they rely on the Internet for shopping. Gerald uses it to order parts to repair the family’s automobiles, and the entire family uses it for personal communication, taking advantage of the Free Zone.

“I learned from midnight to 5 a.m. it’s unlimited, so sometimes I try to stay up to get a couple of movies downloaded,” Gerald said. “I really like that.”

Exede delivers high speed on the plains

Living on the rural plains of eastern El Paso County, Colorado, Theresa Saldivia had no Internet service for years. It was part of the quiet lifestyle she loved.

But when she started working from home as a sales consultant for an online company, that had to change. Theresa subscribed to WildBlue in 2005. It was a good fit for her new line of work.

“Customers would call to do online ordering,” she said. “I worked some long hours, six days a week; I was glued to that computer.”

“Living in a rural area, great Internet service is important. I am a very happy customer of Exede.” She upgraded to Exede in 2012.

“My computer is much faster,” she said. “It’s as different as night and day.”

The online business Theresa worked for has since closed, but she never thought of dropping her internet service.

“Now I’m just using it for my own personal use, but I’m still just as happy with it,” she said. “I pay bills my bills online. But more importantly, I’m from a very large family all over the United States. It’s the internet that keeps me in contact on a regular basis with nieces, nephews, and my grandkids in California.

“Living in a rural area, great Internet service is important. I am a very happy customer of Exede.”

Exede saves couple from ‘Internet Envy’

Marilyn Aldridge used to suffer from Internet envy. She and her husband, Dave, love their quiet property north of Silverthorne, Colorado, but didn’t love their service options.

“All that was offered was dial-up internet,” Marilyn said. “It was terrible. I was so jealous of everyone that had all those other fast choices. But I dealt with dial-up for six years.”

The Aldridges subscribed to Exede precursor WildBlue as soon as they learned it was available. Marilyn’s envy quickly evaporated.

“I was so jealous of everyone that had all those other fast choices. But I dealt with dial-up for six years.”

“I was thrilled,” Marilyn said. “And when Exede came out, I was ecstatic! It was just as fast as the other choices that are offered in town. I feel like I live in the real world again.”

Installation and customer service also get high marks, she said.

“Everybody’s been wonderful,” she said.

The Aldridges use their internet service for “email and playing,” Marilyn said, and she’s made sure to spread the word about Exede among her neighbors.

“I think I’ve gotten pretty much everybody on it,” she said.

Online with Exede in the Minnesota woods

Sometimes, satellite internet service with Exede can make a great home the perfect home.

Take Barbara LeGarde, who loves the climate of northernmost Minnesota, where the average high temperature doesn’t top 80 and the average low is a brisk 19 degrees.

“I feel more alive in the wintertime,” she said. “I crosscountry ski and snowshoe. I love the feeling of the cold air. I feel lethargic in the heat.”

But LeGarde didn’t want to pay for her family’s decision to live there with limited internet options. She and her husband bought a log cottage in the woods outside Duluth 16 years ago. Then, their two boys were small.

“We have 10 acres of land on the end of a dirt, dead-end road, so they won’t bring any utilities up here; it’s not feasible to do it,” she said.

“We love the convenience of it. We are absolutely satisfied.”

Not having internet didn’t bother the LeGardes until the boys got older, and school assignments increasingly called for internet access. But there were no options.

“Unfortunately for our boys going through high school, they would have to take their laptops and go to Caribou,” she said, referring to a local coffee shop.

When their cellphone company presented the LeGardes with an internet plan, they optimistically decided to give it a try. They canceled upon receiving the first bill.

“It was supposed to be $80 a month, but they didn’t specify the data or let us know when we were going over. So our first month was $800.
“We filed a complaint with the BBB and canceled.”

Then they saw an ad for Exede.

“We were thrilled,” said LeGarde, who subscribed about a year ago. “Installation was great and very quick. We just had a great experience with it.

“We love the convenience of it. If the kids have to get on and do something on their computers — check their Facebook pages, send a Snapchat — it’s nice to have it. One of my sons does a little bit of gaming online. I’m online for email. We are absolutely satisfied.”

Exede has made their perfect location even better, and given LeGarde one more thing to relish about the long, cool winters.

“Every time someone complains about the wood ticks or mosquitos, I point out there are no wood ticks or mosquitos in the winter time,” she said. “I’m just sayin’.”

Second-home owner singing Exede’s praises

Jay Folickman’s favorite place to work is at his second home, a 1,700-square-foot cabin in the Ohio woods that overlooks Leesville Lake.

“It’s a hilly area that goes out to the lake. I sit up on the second floor and just look out on the lake; it’s real pretty,” said Folickman, a senior account manager at a graphic arts company. “It’s really cool to be able to sit out there and have very fast Wi-Fi to do work.

“As far as quality’s concerned, I was really surprised. It was actually better quality than U-verse, which we have at home in Columbus on the middle of a populous area. And here we are, getting Exede out in the middle of nowhere. You connect faster. Everything is faster. So I have no issues with taking my laptop out there and working.”

AT&T’s U-Verse is a telecommunications service available in a number of states.

“I’m very, very, very pleased with the product.”

Folickman learned about Exede from a Leesville Lake neighbor, and met with installer David Butler of BFE Satellite Solutions in April, 2015. Butler walked the heavily wooded property with Folickman, searching for the best location to position the satellite dish.
“We put the dish down by the lake,” Folickman said. “We had to take down part of a tree to get a really good view and an open area. He did a really good job with the installation.”

Knowing he has reliable internet at his second home allows Folickman to relax completely on his weekends there and enjoy the lifestyle.

“We bought a new pontoon boat a couple years back, so we take boat rides and have martinis on the boat; it’s a really nice cruising lake,” he said. “We chill. We golf. We swim. We hang out. We sit by the fireplace. I like to sing, so sometimes we do a little karaoke.”

That now includes singing the praises of Exede.

“I’m very, very, very pleased with the product,” Folickman said.

Quick Reviews

“Fast, dependable service — every day, all day.”

– Michael S., Benton County, Tennessee

“Our service has been excellent and has been a joy to us.”

– Michael M., Aylett, Virginia

“We are in the country; we love the convenience of your service.”

– William C., Staunton, Virginia

“Always works, and delivers faster-than-expected results.”

– David R., Pueblo, Colorado

“I used to have dial-up. What a difference Exede has made.”

– Helen W., Petoskey, Michigan

“I love having the privilege of high-speed (internet) in the area I live in.”

– Patty S., Virginia

“Always reasonable price, speed and service. What else could anyone want?”

– Winona W., Tennessee

“Customer service and the quality of the service given are both outstanding.”

– Verne C., Columbia, North Carolina

“Since it was set up, I’ve not had to think about my internet. It works likes it’s supposed to, never has a hiccup, and completely stays out of my consciousness with its reliability.”

– Destin B., Alabama.

“This is the best internet satellite service we have ever had.”

– Donna P., Lakeland, Florida

“Cost is really great; internet service has been very dependable; customer service is very good.”

– Cynthia B., Texas

“I can trust that my internet service will be available when I need it most.”

– Pam B., Houston, Texas.


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