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Exede High Speed Satellite Internet for Business

Designed for the needs of today's business owner

Exede Business is tailored for the unique needs of the business owner who needs a more robust Internet service plan than what they presently have available. Rather than rely on the traditional home internet plans, we recommend upgrading to Exede Business to support your commercial satellite internet requirements. It’s also a great solution for businesses looking to have a backup or redundant Internet connection readily available in the event their primary service goes down.

Why choose commercial satellite Internet?

Use our high-speed satellite Internet plan as a tool to help develop your business. With our business plan, take advantage of prioritized maintenance and commercial support. Exede Business also features high speeds and data allowances plus a persistant IP address, which supports services such as remote LAN access, secure Virtual Private Network and other business applications.

What do you get with the Exede Business plan?

  • up to 15 mbps download speeds
  • up to 4 mbps upload speeds
  • persistent ip
  • priority maintenance
  • 24/7 phone support