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Don’t forget security in the Internet of Things

Jane Reuter,

Imagine a fork that helps you diet. It already exists: The Hapifork is a Bluetooth-enabled utensil that monitors your eating speed, designed to help you slow down and feel full sooner. Feeling guilty about leaving Whiskers and Spot home alone while you’re sunbathing on a tropical beach? You can play with and dispense treats to […] Read More

UPDATED: One man’s quest to see which video games work best on Exede

Alex Miller,

Deep in the woods of rural Maryland may seem an unlikely place for an online video gaming experiment, but for Matt Ahern, that’s just the way it is. An Exede Internet customer of about a year, Ahern is also an avid gamer, and he had the same question many gamers have about satellite internet: How well […] Read More

Traffic apps: Your roadmap to a smooth commute

Ann Bender,

Every seasoned commuter stuck in traffic always has the same question: Stay the course or stray off the beaten path? In years past, we were glued to radio traffic reports that screeched out irrelevant updates every 15 minutes, finding ourselves glued to the radio without any real exit strategy. Now our beloved smartphone-turned-traffic copter gives […] Read More