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3 Data Hogs to Look Out For

Exede Internet,

Let’s take a look at the top three data hogs and how you can use these while still making the most of your satellite Internet services. Read More

Windows 10 is coming; be ready for the data impact

Alex Miller,

Beginning July 29, 2015, PC users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10. This upgrade will entail a large download of about 3 GB, so plan ahead by managing when the download takes place. If you have an Exede plan with the Free Zone (or a Freedom plan), you should be in good shape. To […] Read More

Important changes coming for and email

Alex Miller,

Because Google is discontinuing its support of Gmail and other Google service for internet service providers, we will be migrating all and email accounts to a new service this summer. Your login and password information will remain the same, and your mail, calendar and contact information will all change over automatically. However, if you have used other Google […] Read More

Ad blockers can save data … and more

Jane Reuter,

These simple browser plug-ins are free and easy to install Companies go to great lengths to get your attention online, but many advertisements consume data, can slow the pace of page loads and potentially reduce battery life. Some include short videos that, unless they’re disabled, play automatically. Read More