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Beware of email scams looking like they came from Exede/WildBlue

Alex Miller,

We’ve had a few customers get these scam emails trying to look like they’re from us about your bill:

There was an issue with your last subscription due to system upgrade. Please use any of the below methods to update your contract and billing information. Failure to comply will avert to service suspension.

Be sure you don’t click on this or any other suspicious-looking emails that include warnings and instructions to ‘click here to update your credit card/billing info.’ Bizarro grammar like ‘avert to service suspension’ is another big warning sign.

The site this was linked to is now shut down, but these guys (whoever they are) are always out there trying, so keep an eye out and click with caution!

Check out this blog post for tips on phishing scams and how to avoid them.


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Going incognito: The many benefits of private browsing

Jane Reuter,

Feature adds security when using shared devices

Private or “incognito” browsing lets you surf the internet without your browser remembering the sites and pages you’ve visited. There’s a long list of good reasons to browse privately in certain situations. Read More…


The big list of apps and websites to help with New Year’s resolutions

Jane Reuter,

With a little digital help, you can improve your odds of sticking to it

New Year’s resolutions typically are anything but new. “Lose weight” was the top 2014 resolution, according to the website Statistic Brain, followed by these old favorites:

  • Get organized
  • Improve financial habits
  • Enjoy life more
  • Stay fit
  • Learn something exciting
  • Quit smoking
  • Help others
  • Fall in love
  • Spend more time with family

The bad news: About 8 percent of resolution-makers hit their mark.

The good news: There’s an app or program for all of it, and many of the best ones are free (typically with paid upgrades available).

Let your Exede Internet service be your partner in beating the statistical odds.

  1. Weight loss
  • Web MD’s Food & Fitness Planner uses your goal weight to calculate daily calorie recommendations, track your meals, activity, nutrients and progress.
  • Lose It! customizes a calorie budget, tracks food intake and exercise, connects you to peer support and lets you challenge others or just yourself.
  • My Fitness Pal works similarly to Lose It! Both take the guess-work out of dieting with bar code scanners that let you know the caloric value of your favorite store-bought items.
  1. Get organized
  • Remember the Milk, created by “two desperately disorganized people” is a to-do list that goes everywhere you are. Add and edit tasks, set reminders, assign them to someone else and check them off as they’re completed.
  • WorkFlowy lets you organize personal tasks, aids in group collaboration, keeping a journal – even planning a wedding.
  1. Improve financial habits
  • You Need A Budget gives you access to software, live classes and proven methods to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, get out of debt and save money.
  • Mint’s easy-to-follow graphics help you follow your money and investments and cut costs.
  • HelloWallet tracks your net worth and spending, letting you quickly add assets and offering advice based on habits and fiscal status.
  • ClearCheckbook is a great, simple online checkbook tool.
  1. Enjoy life more

    Looking for a trail in your area? The Sierra Club has a great tool for finding one.

    Looking for a trail in your area? The Sierra Club has a great tool for finding one.

  • If your definition of enjoying life means getting outside, try Sierra Club Trail Explorer. Check out more than 40,000 trails from throughout North America, and add your own photos and reviews.
  • Need to get out more? Time To Enjoy shows a wide variety of events in your area, using your personal calendar so you only see what’s happening during your free time.
  • Expand your social circle with Meetup.  You’ll find groups of like-minded people gathering for just about any conceivable activity. From running to random acts of kindness, geocaching to drinking — the list is long and extremely varied.
  1. Stay fit
  • Nike Training Club is a free app with more than 90 workouts tailored to your fitness goals in 30- to 45-minute sessions.
  • Gain Fitness offers interactive, customizable workouts matched to your fitness level, goals and schedule. Track and schedule your workouts, even nag yourself when it’s time to start sweating.
  • The Pocket Yoga app gives you access to full yoga classes complete with soothing voices and music, a comprehensive pose dictionary and support.
  1. Learn something exciting
  • From Photoshop and fly fishing to grammar and assertive training, Universal Class has it. Sign up and pay by the course or get an annual membership that lets you take as many classes as you’d like.
  • Pinterest is a visual search engine. Use it to get inspiration for hobbies, careers, travel. Learn step-by-step with video tutorials.
  • Lifehacker provides tips, tricks and download for getting things done. The broad array of categories includes DIY, personal finance, jobs and mind hacks.
  • Check with your local library. Today’s libraries have many digital options, including online classes that are often free.
  1. Quit smoking
  1. Help others
  • The specificity of volunteer sites erases all excuses you ever had for not volunteering. They’ll help you find the cause best suited to your interests and find a time slot that fits your schedule. Sites like VolunteerMatch, Idealist, and Create the Good link people with causes in a way that benefits both.
  1. Fall in love
  • The long-reigning king of online dating sites, remains statistically undisputed. The most widely used online dating service in the world, it offers lots of fun features, group events with singles in your age range and online advice.
  • Unlike Match, Okcupid is completely free. Designed to help you zero in on a like-minded mate, it asks a seemingly bottomless number of questions to narrow the search.
  • Meetup (again): If you’re uncomfortable with putting yourself out there on a dating site, search your area for singles-focused Meetups in any metro area. Hiking, biking, dancing and other Meetups that aren’t designated specifically for singles still tend to draw a mostly single crowd. At the very least, you’ll meet cool people with similar interests.

    10. Spend more time with family.

This may sound strange from an internet provider, but here’s our best suggestion for this resolution: Log off. Spend that family time. Then come back. Your Exede service will be here waiting for you. All year long.



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Tips for climbing around on your family tree

Jane Reuter,

Dig into your roots and catch the genealogy craze with Exede

Have you always wondered why Great Uncle Terrance is spoken of in hushed tones around the Thanksgiving table? Or where you and your cousin got your stubbornly curly black hair? Could the reason you’ve always felt like a princess be because there’s blue blood pumping through your veins? Read More…

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