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Nifty Google Images tool is hit or miss

Jane Reuter,

Photo-search ability can be pretty handy

Google Images, a search tool that aims to match photos with similar images circulating on the internet, can be a useful research tool. The service, introduced in 2001, boasts an impressive index that includes more than 10 billion images. Read More…


MyExede now available for Evolution and Freedom customers

Alex Miller,

It took a little while to get all our digital ducks in a row for this, but we’re happy to announce that the My.Exede.Net customer portal is now open for business for Evolution and Freedom customers.

To get registered with MyExede, you’ll need to go to with your account number (or your modem’s MAC address) handy. Click on the “New User” link and follow the directions. If you need any assistance, here’s a handy article on our Help Center to walk you through it.

MyExede combines into one place many of the functions you need to manage your Exede account. You can monitor your data usage, look at invoices, change your payment method, Buy More data, and more. You can read a little more about here, but we think the best way to understand what the portal has to offer is to register and log in.

Please note that you will need to create a new login and password for MyExede, but you’ll continue to use your old login information for access to your Exede email account(s).

phishing for passwords graphic

‘Think before you link,’ and other online security tips

Jane Reuter,

Anti-phishing tips from Exede Internet

Internet security software and other tools to protect your computer and email get more sophisticated every day, but they don’t work if you open the door to scammers trying to trick you into revealing sensitive information. These are known as “phishing” attacks. Here are a few tips to help you steer clear of them while using your Exede Internet service. Read More…

video chat with grandparents

Tips on getting started with video chat

Jane Reuter,

Exede works great with Skype, FaceTime and more

Whether it’s holding a face-to-face client meeting, checking in on those growing grandkids, talking to a loved one stationed overseas, or just because you prefer seeing your old college roommate “live”, video chat is a great service. You can see and talk to people who are worlds away without incurring a big bill! Easy as sending an email, it typically doesn’t carry any cost beyond your monthly internet service fee. And it works great with your Exede Internet service. Read More…

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