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Data tip: Disabling video auto-play on Facebook and other sites

Rose Pember,

Save on data by opting out of the video auto-play feature


Whether you think online videos that begin playing automatically are cool, an annoyance or just a part of online life, they can eat into your Exede Internet data allowance without your realizing it. Here’s a look at how this happens and what you can do about it. Read More…


New MyExede Customer Portal aims to make things easier

Jane Reuter,

Now, all your account management info is in one place

The MyExede Customer Portal is now live. When you check it out, you’ll find bold, common-sense graphics that give you a clear, timely view of your usage, current billing information and other account information. Links are clearly labeled and accessed with the click of large, easy-to-find tabs. Read More…


Another year, another top spot for Exede Internet

Rose Pember,

FCC report finds us No. 1 in delivering on advertised speeds

You should get what you pay for, right? With Internet providers, it’s not always the case that the speeds you were promised when you signed up are what you get on a regular basis. But for the second year in a row, the Federal Communications Commission reports Exede Internet not only delivers on our advertised speeds — we beat them routinely! Read More…

Photo Cutline: Here’s the antenna at our Denver gateway. Each antenna is equipped differently based on its location and needs. Here in Denver, the antenna has attached heaters to melt snow and ice during the winter season. Similarly, many gateway antennas are attached to air conditioning generators, designed to keep the internal electronics cool as it constantly transmits signals. 

From space to you: What it takes to get Exede satellite Internet in your home

Rose Pember,

On the ground at an Exede Internet gateway


Ever noticed those giant “satellite” dishes along the road and wondered what they are? They’re really enormous antennas, directly in touch with satellites way above the Earth. ViaSat, the provider of Exede Internet, actually manufactures these things, and the ones associated with the Exede network are a critical part of the ground infrastructure that makes the whole system work. Read More…


What you see when you compare satellite Internet services

Jane Reuter,

Exede stacks up pretty well when compared to other services

Sometimes the answer to a problem is so obvious it’s right in front of you. In the case of satellite Internet, it’s just over your head — about 22,300 miles, to be precise. Read More…

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